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Edulink International
The Project
Edulink International sought to enhance its brand identity and strengthen its communication materials to attract students and parents to its campuses in Colombo and Nairobi. The objective was to develop visually appealing brochures, environmental graphics, and a user-friendly website that effectively convey the organization's values, offerings, and unique selling points.
Location - Year
Dubai - 2019
BROCHURE cover design for Edulink - 360beats
BROCHURE design for Edulink-360beats portfolio
BROCHURE Prospectus for Edulink education - 360beats portfolio
360beats-Posters for Edulink education
Website homepage design for Edulink - 360beats Portfolio

Our team embarked on a creative journey to design captivating marketing materials that would resonate with Edulink International’s target audience. We began by gaining a deep understanding of the organization’s ethos, academic programs, and campus culture.

For the brochures, we adopted a modern and sleek design approach, incorporating vibrant colors, engaging imagery, and concise yet compelling content. Each brochure was meticulously crafted to showcase Edulink International’s academic offerings, extracurricular activities, campus facilities, and testimonials from students and faculty.

In parallel, we developed environmental graphics to enhance the ambiance of the campuses and create an immersive experience for visitors. These graphics included wall murals, banners, and signage, strategically placed throughout the campuses to communicate key messages and showcase the organization’s values and achievements.

Simultaneously, we designed a responsive and intuitive website for Edulink International, ensuring seamless navigation and easy access to information for prospective students and parents. The website featured engaging multimedia content, virtual campus tours, and an interactive admissions portal, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of the organization’s campuses, programs, and admissions process.

The marketing materials designed for Edulink International successfully captured the essence of the organization’s mission and values, effectively communicating its unique offerings and positioning it as a leading education institution in Colombo and Nairobi. The brochures, with their vibrant design and compelling content, attracted the attention of prospective students and parents, driving inquiries and admissions.

The environmental graphics added a dynamic element to the campuses, creating an inviting and inspiring atmosphere for visitors and students alike. And the website served as a powerful digital platform, providing a wealth of information and resources to support the decision-making process for prospective students and parents.

Overall, our collaboration with Edulink International resulted in enhanced brand visibility, increased enrollment, and strengthened engagement with the community, further solidifying the organization’s reputation as a trusted provider of quality education in Colombo and Nairobi.

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