Newcomer Research Library

Empowering Newcomers with a Research Library
CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society)
The Project
Develop a user-friendly website for the research library that provides easy access to informative articles and resources. Curate and categorize articles covering a wide range of topics relevant to newcomers, including immigration processes, employment opportunities, education, housing, and cultural adaptation. Implement API integration to streamline content management, ensuring timely updates and additions to the research library.
Location - Year
Calgary - 2022
  • Collaborated with CCIS stakeholders to understand their requirements and preferences for the website’s design and functionality.
  • Designed a clean and intuitive user interface that facilitates easy navigation and discovery of articles.
  • Developed a responsive website using modern web development technologies to ensure compatibility across devices and browsers.
  • Integrated search functionality and filtering options to allow users to quickly find articles based on keywords, categories, or tags.
  • Created an organized taxonomy of topics and subtopics to facilitate efficient browsing and exploration of the research library.
  • Identified and integrated a suitable API solution that allows for seamless content management and updates.
  • Established secure connections between the website and the API to ensure data integrity and privacy protection.
  • Automated content synchronization processes to streamline the retrieval and publishing of articles from external sources or databases.

The research library website developed for CCIS provides newcomers in Calgary with a valuable resource hub to access information and support for their settlement journey. The user-friendly interface, comprehensive content library, and API integration enhance the website’s usability and effectiveness in empowering newcomers to navigate and thrive in their new environment. By leveraging technology and collaboration, CCIS continues to fulfill its mission of fostering inclusive communities and facilitating newcomers’ integration into Canadian society.

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