Dr. Ayla

Elevating Online Presence with Social Media Posts
Dr. Ayla Coussa
The Project
Ayla, a doctor specializing in nutrition, aimed to strengthen her online presence and engage with her audience on social media. We designed captivating social media posts to achieve these objectives.
Location - Year
Dubai - 2021
Social media design for Dr. Ayla - 360beats portfolio

Content Strategy: Collaborated with Ayla to develop a comprehensive content strategy aligned with her expertise and target audience’s interests. Identified key topics such as healthy eating tips, nutrition facts, recipe ideas, and lifestyle advice.

Visual Design: Created visually appealing graphics and images to accompany Ayla’s social media posts. Utilized professional design tools to ensure consistency in branding, colors, and typography, while also incorporating relevant imagery related to nutrition and wellness.

Engagement Techniques: Implemented engagement techniques to encourage interaction and discussion among Ayla’s followers. This included posing questions, conducting polls, and sharing inspirational quotes or success stories related to nutrition and healthy living.

Consistency and Frequency: Maintained a consistent posting schedule to keep Ayla’s social media profiles active and engaging. Scheduled posts at optimal times to maximize visibility and reach among her target audience.

The designed social media posts contributed to Aila’s enhanced online presence and increased engagement with her audience. By sharing valuable content and insights related to nutrition and wellness, Ayla established herself as a credible authority in her field, attracting a larger following and fostering meaningful interactions with her audience. The visually appealing graphics and engaging content helped to elevate Aila’s brand and position her as a trusted resource for nutrition advice and guidance.

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