Bridging Heritage with Innovation
The Project
Develop a cohesive brand identity that honors UMAYA's heritage while signaling innovation and synergy with Gallegos. Design a sleek website to showcase past projects from both companies and highlight GXU's comprehensive range of services.
Location - Year
Dubai - 2022

Leveraging UMAYA’s established identity as a foundation, we crafted a brand identity for GXU that seamlessly integrated elements from both UMAYA and Gallegos. This approach honored UMAYA’s heritage while signaling a fresh chapter of collaboration and innovation. The logo design, inspired by UMAYA’s visual language, symbolized continuity and evolution. For the website, we adopted a neat and clean design aesthetic to spotlight the impressive portfolio of projects undertaken by both UMAYA and Gallegos. Clear navigation and intuitive layout allowed visitors to explore past works and understand the breadth of services offered by GXU.

The unified brand identity successfully bridged the legacy of UMAYA with the innovative spirit of GXU, resonating with existing clients and attracting new opportunities. The sleek website provided a platform to showcase the collective expertise of both companies, bolstering GXU’s reputation as a leader in lighting design. By highlighting past projects and comprehensive services, GXU established itself as a go-to destination for clients seeking exceptional lighting solutions tailored to their needs.

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