Jamon Y Vino

Revamping Restaurant's Visual Appearance
Jamon Y Vino
The Project
Undertake a comprehensive facelift of the restaurant's facade and interior aesthetics to exude authentic Spanish charm. Additionally, optimize the restaurant's presence on Google Maps to attract more foot traffic and online engagement.
Location - Year
Barcelona - 2022

We embarked on a multifaceted approach to transform Jamon Y Vino’s image. Beginning with a brand identity overhaul, we captured the essence of Spanish cuisine and culture to create a visually captivating experience for patrons. Through professional food photography, we showcased the restaurant’s culinary delights, enticing potential customers. A new signage and lightbox design further elevated the restaurant’s exterior, drawing attention to its offerings and ambiance. Concurrently, we revamped the menu to reflect the restaurant’s renewed identity. To enhance online visibility, we optimized Jamon Y Vino’s presence on Google Maps, ensuring it was easily discoverable by potential diners.

The facelift breathed new life into Jamon Y Vino, attracting a steady stream of customers intrigued by its refreshed ambiance and enticing menu offerings. The visually appealing facade and interior design created an inviting atmosphere, encouraging patrons to step inside. Furthermore, the substantial increase in visits on Google Maps—up by an impressive 900%—underscored the success of our efforts in enhancing the restaurant’s online presence. Overall, the transformation proved to be a resounding success, positioning Jamon Y Vino as a must-visit destination for authentic Spanish cuisine in Barcelona.

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