Lebnani W Noss

Savoring the Flavors of Lebanon
Lebnaneh W Noss
The Project
Craft a comprehensive branding strategy that captures the essence of Lebanese street food culture and resonates with target audiences. Develop engaging social media launching ads and create cohesive branding elements, including logo design, brand voice, packaging materials, environmental graphics, and restaurant signage.
Location - Year
Dubai - 2022

We embarked on a journey to encapsulate the rich culinary heritage of Lebanon, infusing it into every aspect of Lebnaneh W Noss’s branding. Drawing inspiration from traditional Lebanese motifs and colors, we crafted a visually striking logo that reflected the vibrancy and authenticity of the cuisine. Our team developed a brand voice and tone that exuded warmth, hospitality, and passion for Lebanese street food. For the social media launching ads, we created captivating visuals and compelling copy that showcased the restaurant’s mouthwatering dishes and inviting ambiance. Additionally, we designed cohesive packaging materials, environmental graphics, and restaurant signage that reinforced the brand identity and provided a seamless experience for customers.

The comprehensive branding strategy successfully positioned Lebnaneh W Noss as a destination for authentic Lebanese street food, garnering excitement and anticipation among food enthusiasts. The social media launching ads generated buzz and attracted a loyal following, driving foot traffic to the restaurant. The cohesive branding elements, from the logo design to the environmental graphics, created a memorable and immersive experience for diners, further solidifying Lebnani W Noss’s reputation as a go-to spot for savoring the flavors of Lebanon.

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