Where Tradition Meets Flavor
The Project
Develop a brand identity and name that captures the essence of a vibrant marketplace while reflecting the rich culinary heritage of Spain, conveying the convenience and delight of shopping for traditional food products online.
Location - Year
Barcelona - 2022

Drawing inspiration from the Arabic word “Sooq,” synonymous with bustling markets, we crafted the name “Sooq” for its resonance with the vibrancy of traditional marketplaces. This name encapsulates the essence of a lively marketplace, evoking images of bustling stalls and diverse flavors. For the brand identity, we designed a logo that blends elements of Spanish culture with modern design, incorporating iconic imagery such as olives, paella pans, and vineyard motifs. The color palette reflects the warmth and richness of Spanish cuisine, while the typography adds a touch of elegance and authenticity.

Sooq’s brand identity resonates deeply with customers, capturing the spirit of Spain’s culinary heritage while providing the convenience of online shopping. The name “Sooq” immediately conveys the vibrant atmosphere of traditional markets, enticing customers to explore the platform’s offerings. The brand’s visual identity, with its nod to Spanish culture and cuisine, enhances trust and credibility among consumers. Souq establishes itself as a go-to destination for authentic Spanish food products, offering a seamless online shopping experience that celebrates tradition and flavor.

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