Al Falah University

Empowering Departments, Engaging Audiences
Al Falah University
The Project
Al Falah University in Dubai aimed to establish unique identities for its various departments while enhancing engagement through a comprehensive marketing campaign for its open day event.
Location - Year
Dubai - 2020

Departmental Logos:

Inspired by the University Logo: Leveraging the overarching university logo as a foundation, we crafted distinctive logos for each department. These logos retained elements of the university’s identity while incorporating unique symbols and colors relevant to each department’s focus and specialization. This approach ensured consistency across all departmental identities while allowing for individuality and differentiation.

360 Marketing Campaign for Open Day:

The Mission: Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to promote Al Falah University’s open day event, engaging prospective students and stakeholders across various channels.

The Solution: Our 360 marketing campaign for the open day event encompassed a range of strategies and tactics to maximize visibility and engagement:

Social Media Posts: Engaging and informative social media posts were crafted to generate excitement and drive attendance. These posts highlighted the benefits of attending the open day, showcased the university’s facilities and programs, and encouraged interaction from followers.

Website Banners: Eye-catching banners were designed for the university’s website to prominently promote the open day event. These banners featured compelling visuals and concise messaging to capture visitors’ attention and encourage exploration of event details.

Popups, Rollups, Flags, and Posters: Physical marketing materials such as popups, rollups, flags, and posters were strategically placed across the university campus and surrounding areas to raise awareness of the open day event. These materials featured bold graphics and key event information to attract attention and inform passersby.

The departmental logos provided each academic unit with a distinct visual identity while maintaining alignment with the overarching university brand. For the open day event, our 360 marketing campaign effectively generated buzz and drove attendance, resulting in a successful turnout of prospective students and stakeholders. The cohesive integration of digital and physical marketing channels ensured broad reach and engagement, further solidifying Al Falah University’s position as a leading educational institution in Dubai.

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