Nurturing Nature's Bounty
Al Hersh
The Project
Develop a brand identity that pays homage to the lush foliage of trees bearing fruits and vegetables, capturing the essence of Alhersh's commitment to quality and sustainability.
Location - Year
Dubai - 2020

Inspired by the leaves of vegetables on trees, we crafted a brand identity for Alhersh that reflected the company’s dedication to nature’s bounty. The logo design featured intertwining Arabic and English letters, forming organic shapes reminiscent of leaves and branches. This fusion of languages symbolized Alhersh’s multicultural identity and global reach. The color palette drew inspiration from the vibrant hues of fresh produce, evoking a sense of freshness and vitality. Additionally, we applied the leaf motif across various branding materials, reinforcing Alhersh’s connection to nature and its role in bringing wholesome fruits and vegetables to the market.

The brand identity resonated with Alhersh’s audience, conveying the company’s commitment to quality and sustainability in the trading of fruits and vegetables. The unique logo design, inspired by nature’s abundance, set Alhersh apart from competitors and helped it stand out in the market. The cohesive branding materials reinforced Alhersh’s reputation as a trusted source for fresh produce, attracting customers who shared its values of environmental stewardship and wholesome living.

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