Crafting Identity for Specialized Bakery
The Project
Develop a distinctive brand identity inspired by the intricate layers of Babka, and create engaging Instagram posts to launch the bakery and showcase its flavors creatively.
Location - Year
Amman - 2021

Drawing inspiration from the structure and layers of Babka, we crafted a unique brand identity for Babcake that reflected the essence of this beloved sweet treat. Our team designed captivating Instagram posts that highlighted the bakery’s launch and showcased its diverse flavors in an innovative and enticing manner.

Babcake’s brand identity resonated with customers, effectively conveying the essence of their specialty. The creative Instagram posts generated buzz around the bakery’s launch and captivated audiences with their visual appeal. As a result, Babcake successfully established itself as a go-to destination for Babka enthusiasts in Jordan, setting the stage for sweet success in the local market.

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