Reinforcing Homes, Building Trust
The Project
Develop a brand identity that encapsulated QPTS's core values of professionalism, expertise, and strength, while maintaining a clean and bold aesthetic to resonate with its target audience.
Location - Year
Dubai - 2024

Our approach to QPTS’s brand identity centered on representing the company’s core values and expertise in a visually compelling manner. Drawing inspiration from the strength and durability of QPTS’s services, we crafted a logo that exuded confidence and reliability. The design employed clean lines and bold typography to convey professionalism, while subtle elements hinted at the company’s focus on home maintenance and waterproofing. The color palette was chosen to evoke trust and stability, further reinforcing QPTS’s reputation as a reliable partner for homeowners in Dubai.

The new brand identity successfully positioned QPTS as a leading authority in home maintenance and waterproofing services in Dubai. The clean and bold aesthetic resonated with customers, instilling confidence in the company’s expertise and reliability. The cohesive branding elements helped QPTS stand out in a competitive market, attracting new clients and solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner for homeowners seeking quality solutions for their maintenance needs.

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